#FM17 Journeyman – I Got A Job!

Well, it took six weeks, but I landed my first job in my journeyman save! Who did I convince to hire me? Read on and find out! Continue reading “#FM17 Journeyman – I Got A Job!”


Skylanders Academy Trailer Launches

The new animated series based on the hit game series is due to hit our screens (if you have Netflix that is) on October 28th, and we now have an official launch trailer.

Activision Blizzard released the trailer this week, two weeks ahead of the series’ launch on the streaming service. The show boasts some impressive voice talent such as Susan Sarandon, Johnathan Banks (Saul Goodman’s henchman Mike Ehrmantraut in Breaking Bad), Justin Long and Norm MacDonald.

The publisher are also rumoured to be looking at the possibility of turning big franchises like COD and Destiny into movies.

I know of one seven year old in my house who will be excited when this hits Netflix!

Check out the gorgeous looking trailer now:

Estudiantes Challenge: Second Season Halftime Report

We have arrived at the midseason break. The players have gone off on their hollybobs, so what better time than now to talk about them behind their backs? Have we been able to make progress from last season’s impressive run in? How has the squad been reshaped? Read on for the answers! Continue reading “Estudiantes Challenge: Second Season Halftime Report”